Zhen Bird's Nest Secured   

directly translated from chinese, zhen (珍) means precious treasure. zhen specializes in bird's nest and has remained faithful to providing customers with ethically farmed and 100% pure natural bird's nest. family-run, independent and produced locally, the company is committed to maintaining its manufacturing operations in singapore while harvesting the bird’s nest from their very own plethora of houses and caves in thailand, indonesia, and malaysia. at zhen, our factory manufactures bird's nest bottles employing europe's most advanced automated machinery in our production line. accredited with haccp, halal, and iso, we implement strict monitoring and quality control systems to ensure products are delivered to our discerning clientele at their finest. zhen’s bird nest products are free of stabilizers and preservatives. they are also packed with floral botanicals primarily sourced from certified and eco-conscious growers and suppliers. there are eight


Country: Singapore | Category: Health | Language: English

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